The Foundation funds  on-going  basic and applied research in academic institutions  using lasers and other optically based systems to study basic cell processes, and to develop technologies to  diagnose and treat diseases.

Announcing the SPARK Grants in Biophotonics for 2015

The awards will be for either one or two years and can be up to $100,000 per year, direct costs only. Funds may not be used for institutional overhead or gift taxes.

For the next round of awards a letter of inquiry must be received via email by July 1, 2015. Final applications will be by invitation.

The grants are intended for scientists in the early stages of their careers: senior post docs in a transition to an academic position, or early stage assistant professors. Senior level faculty may apply if a specific senior-level post doc is clearly identified as the intended recipient of the funds.

Each proposal  will be no more than five pages (12 pt font, single spaced) excluding bibliography, figures, and budget.

The sections must be:

1. Abstract/Summary (1/2 page or less; written so a person outside of your specific field can understand the project),

2. Introduction/Significance/Innovation (1 page or less)*

3. Specific Objectives/With hypothesis (1/2 page)

4. Experimental Design to achieve Objectives/Test Hypothesis/Collect Data (3 pages).

The Introduction should state how this is a novel/innovative proposal that could lead to a major impact in the field of Biophotonics.

Address all enquiries by email to: